It's a ninja invasion! Get ready for some fast paced action, because it’s time to CATCH A NINJA!
Find where those ninjas are hiding and smash, slash and crush your way to victory, for as long as you can endure! Make fast decisions to create ninja-tastic combos!
Watch out for bombs and spice up your score with special katana attacks. Complete achievements and get upgrades to show those ninjas who’s the boss.

Featuring incredible HD graphics, fun, awesome levels and beautiful art. Have a taste of real ninja action with CATCH A NINJA, a really easy to pick up game!
two game modes:
play classic or survival!
Great for kids: get the Ninja Kid to make them happy!
Beautiful levels, detailed artwork, retina graphics
More than 40 achievements to complete (more coming soon!)

Upgrade your game with:

- No bombs
- Extra life slot
- Ninja kid: never die, great for kids!
- Life potions
- Special attacks and much more!

Find out at the end how much
you damaged those ninjas!
Catch a Ninja - watch the trailer:
Available for iOS devices.