Get ready for this funny, silly and very challenging runner STOPPER!
Join forces with the puny knight and help him survive crazy tracks full of perilous and tricky traps all around.

Harder, more fun and more challenging than Dark Souls 1, 2 and 3 combined! Can you face the tracks?

Venture alongside a jester in a knight suit of armor running through deadly racing tracks to amuse his king. Face danger and imminent death on every turn. Try your best, die and try better!

  • 96 CHALLENGING, thoroughly crafted levels, with more to come on a regular basis!
  • Double-jump levels: specially designed for the special characters
  • 4 playable characters with UNIQUE abilities
  • SIMPLE two button controls
  • 100 achievements
  • Compete on leaderboards
  • Bonus levels for worthy players

Stay tuned, more news coming soon!